Thursday, 26 September 2013

Amalfi coast

Yesterday I still spent a half day lazy.. and in afternoon headed towards the Amalfi Coast. Originaly I planned to have a stop somewhere around Rome, but got into those Termal waters and didn't want to get out.

So the journey took me nearly 6h...after 4h in the car, I was already thinking to drop the Amalfi Coast idea, but the shot of espresso made it's job and the next 2h gone quite fast (like 150km/h fast.. yes yes.. I was carefull with safety cameras).

I was planning to reach the place by the sunset, but at Neapoli area there were some trafic jams, so missed the target by half an hour.. Reached the Positano already in dark. 

Why everyone says that driving in Italy is hard? All my trip I was looking for those "crazy italian drivers"... seen none. Of the moddle of Tuscany you will barely meet a car every half an hour... But in Florence, highways...nothing unusuall. It made me think that maybe we, lithuanians, are driving the same "crazy"? so that's the reason I didn't notice? The only difference I spotted were the scooters in Amalfi there's realy a lot of them, passing from all sides :) 

And I was amazed by roads - they are very good in Italy. Well maintained, all have security fences on the sides.. nothing to compare to roads in France or Spain, where you basicaly can drive off the cliff on those serpantines.. Even the tiniest roads in the hills are well marked and safeguarded (some times looked that the rock fences have been acctually build ages ago).

Woke up quite early, but I was already the last one to have breakfast..looks like everyone wakes up at 7am ..why do you want to do that on vacation? 

And went down to find a bus (decided not to drive, as the parking would have been a nightmare there), but they all were so crowded, that didn't even stop... with no luck for an hour, just asked a middle aged couple from Austria to drop me off at Positano (..found them in parking area). They gladly agreed to help and here I was - walking the streets.

Frankly, I didn't like it. Of course - it's nice to have a look, nice to walk around for couple of hours.. it's a nice view from the top-hills, beautifull view of the sea.. but probably it's not my type. Too crowded, too much tourists (and it's not the busiest season!)... Honestly - I wish I stayed in Tuscany... 

And people do come here for weddings! (Saw like 3 couples in no time).. 

Then found some nice Fish restaurant, in the middle of the way to other beach and sat there for couple of hours, enjoying the calm location (outside the buzzz), reading a book and watching a speed boats passing by..

Btw - i was astonished to learn that having a private small speedboat to take a tour from Positano around Capri and drop me off at Praiano would cost from 500 to 1000 eur!! (For some 2-2,5h) And it's not like I would like to rent a whole yaht of smth... unbelievable.. 

For reference - I have stayed at B&B Casa Colombo in Praiano town. Which is 10km from Positano, towards Amalfi. It's worth recommendation, if you are traveling by car - they have their own parking lot for 5-6 cars, which is rare in that area. Also a bus stop is right at the bottop of the steps (250 steps..huh..) It cost 80eur/day and have spacious rooms with air conditioning, small terrace (with umbrella, sun bed and simple table) and lovely VIEW of Positano and Capri island:

View from Breakfast terrace:


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