Sunday, 22 September 2013

Defying the gravity laws

Lucca and Pisa where my today's target. Eleonora and Marcus were very nice giving me a tips for getting to and spending a time in Lucca.

As the Lucca has been chosen as official START of the 2013 Road Cycling Worldchampionship, I have also rented a bike at one of the "hundreds" bike rental shops and drove through the impressive Lucca city walls to explore.. 

Lucca town is completely surrounded by XVI Century walls. The walls, 4.3 km long, are allowed only to walkers and bikers, and it looked as a perfect start point. 

Then I spent couple of hours driving through narrow streets, just enjoying the points of interest and watching people walking around.

From all I saw, I liked the Guinigi Tower most - nice feature that it has a trees on the roof and is the one of the few remaining towers in Lucca.

Nice view from the top:

I should say the Pisa leaning tower has realy impressed me... I even sat at corner cafe drinking Aperol Spritz (the popular Italian aperitive drink made from Prosecco, Aperol and dash of sparkling water, topped with Orange wedge) and for 20min just admiring the view..

While walking around, I sneaked into the group of some kind of Pharmaceutical Conference people, who were having an English speaking tour. I listened to the stories about campanile (or Leaning Pisa tower), the Duomo (the Cathedral), the Baptistry and the Campo Santo (the monumental cemetery). Was quite interesting and had a though that it's acctually worth taking a guided tours.. The places come alive, when you here the stories, legends and the secrets.

I came back to Forestaria (liked the place..)  with a feeling of a well spent Day.. Will head to Thermal spa tomorrow to relax and treat myself with something nice :)


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