Friday, 13 September 2013


If everything goes according to the plan - the plan should be things supposed to be not according to plan - that's what make Project Managers busy..

Anyway - the plan for the First days was getting from Rome to Florence, then Friday going to Cinque Terre and Saturday getting to "cooking place". First - I was told that there are no Fiat 500 for renting, as they all been sent to change for new model... and of course the new model did not arrive yet. So got some "pimp" where I was feeling like sitting more like at the breakfast table and not exactly in the car.. but that's fine..will get used to it over the 2 weeks.

Evening in the Florence was nice - got local excursions into the best views to Florence.. managed even to tier a trousers while getting over the fence to secret rose garden to have the most amazing view of the Florence at night... trousers and the risk were definitely worth the view.

Next day had to kill a time untill mid-day and decided to wonder around in Florence.. without particular target.. ended up climbing 463 steps and down into to Duomo Cupola (Basilica of Santa Maria del Fiore)...that it will be so high and no elevator I read just before the entrance..after spending 50min in a line.. View was magnificant! And it's not only the outside - you acctualy also walk inside and can acctualy touch the famous Brunelleschi frescas... 

The fresca scenes are so huge, that you basicaly can't understand what you see from so close. I was trying to imagine how it had to be painted and what level of imagination you have to poses to acctually make it meaningfull and in more or less reasonable proportions.

In the afternoon I went to Cinque Terre, but it didn't end as I was planning. I read the NY Times article "36h in Cinque Terre".. and was dreaming of taking a "Via de Amore" stunning view hiking trail from Romaggiore to Manarola (25min walk)... then have a nice dinner in Corneglia and finding a place for a night in Vernazza. Unfortunatelly the trail was closed.. the second as well.. so option for traveling was just train. Unfortunatelly the next "slow" train, stopping between each villages was due only in 1h.. kind of too long to wait at 5.30pm, when sun is going down at ~7.30. So took the one which stops at the last village - Monterosso, hoping to find a place there and visit the Lemon Yards in the morning. Unfortunatelly (again) there was no single room left in the entire Cinque after the dinner (which at least was realy super tasty) had to get back to Florence..

So. No luck with Cinque Terre on this trip.. will have to come back another time.

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