Monday, 23 September 2013

In Hot Springs: Grotta Giusti

Today I had a real "vacation" - meaning spending a Day at a pool, sun-tanning and reading a book. As Tuscany is famous with it's Termal waters and natural hot Springs, I search for a place I could enjoy this. The closes and most attractive was a Grotta Giuspi SPA .. definitely the most unique Spa experience I had! You have a natural underground sauna in a Grotta (Cave).

It has 3 areas - Limbo first (warm), then you proceed to purgatory (warmer) and end up in Hell (hot) to relax, meditate and sweat out all the toxins in your body. I immediately fell asleep... and seems not the only one to do that, as woke up by someone snoring at the other end of the cave room :))

P.s picture is not mine, as it's quite hard to get anything taken...and you are not allowed they would get quite wet after an hour there..

Having in mind that I got a great Last Minute Deal - it was a good experience and a nice place to stay (even I feel 30 years to young being gere..).. But I would not spend more that 1 day here. It's overall a bit dissapointing in price-quality that they charge the guests.. even though I don't have much experience in Luxury places and SPA's (which they concider themselves to be).. I find it hard to believe that this is "luxury" standard for Tuscany. 

Anyway - termal water pool and sunbeds (area reserved for Hotel guests only) was good place to be today...

Tomorrow I plan to head to Montepulciano area and get some "Wine experience" treatment in another Termal Springs area.. will see, what it would be there. 

FYI - found a nice article, where you can get the impression and directions to the Natural and Free Tuscany Hot Springs. I might try to drive through Saturnia and have a look at that natural wonder:

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