Open your Fantasy!

I didn't write yesterday, as It was a long night of "Good Byes" and lots of good words...

This is a bunch of my new friends - whom I definitely miss!

From left:
Raymond (Australia) - the most calm person in a group, but very efficient! He will definitely remember this as a "pigeon nightmare" - he had to debone 6 little pigeons...and when he though he finaly done all (in 2h..) - the another one was found. The funny part was that we are the pigeon ragu in 2min... it was so tasty..

Next to me - Betsy (US). Comming for a 2nd time, as an aniversary present by her "non participating" husband Joe. They were the one of the oldest couples (she 60 and him 68). But so fit, funny and full of stories, that I personally enjoyed their company most. Joe was great non-participating guest - always comming at a "Food time".. looking after wine supplies, with a smile and energy. Taking us around the medieval towns and driving a car adms he drives his motobike..

Paola - The teacher. The bundle of endless energy, filled kitchen with laugh and good emotions, payed attention and cared for every single person in a class equally. Pushed us hard, beyond our limits... we were making ~20 recipies a Day. Wonderfull person!

Nilda (US) - the poor ladie broke her leg in Florence on arrival.. still - with good attitute and her smile participated in all lessons. Paola made sure she gets recipies that do not require much movement around and we all got assignments to help Nilda. 

Rosy (Australia) - as Paola said "looked like shy calm lady on an arrival day, but turned out to be a lady with a chilly peper in an ass.."..

Roberto (Australia) - the Teddy Bear of the group. The one of the most funniest guys in the world. Can't imagine the course without him.. He was a returning gyest after 8 years and it made even more special - as Paola knew him very well and made a jokes of him (like assigning him to make Tortellini..)

Sue (Australia) - Roberts wife, the absolutely lovely lady, every day discovering that "She can do it!" She was full of discoveries and good emotions during the cooking, that it kept us all awaken!

Brook (Australia) - "allow me to talk".... Imagine, that 2 days before.. over a lunch I became very popular with a phrase "Brook, go to the point".. which was then quoted quite often by everyone :)

Cecile (Canada) - very sincere, nice and kind person. In the kitchen very direct and not disturbing, unless needed. Full of joy and smile, beautifully filling up the company.

Ronaldo (US) - Nilda's husband, who took a great care of Nilda.. and a pationate cook. Eager to try and learn new things. 

This was amazing group of people.. the last Day we even done a Flash Mob (!) of "Hand washing dance" at a Gangnam style...which Paola so much enjoyed. I'll post a video later!! That was something.. with everyone participating.. that was soooo funny!!

Last day was a bit easier. I got a starters - Octopus Salad and Marinated anchovies:


And adms true Lithuanian, who mostly eat potatoes, I got to do a Potatoe & Rosemary bread (mmmm delitious):

And this is Joe fire... That he was litting every night for us to sit and enjoy with last glass of wine..

Miss you guys!!

...But!! the second part of Holdays start!


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