Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Lamb & "Torture'llini"

Today Paola (the teacher) promissed a hard day. She said we will be "Disastered" her Italian-English she acctually meant Exhausted :) was true..after the Introduction (we start a cooking class by going through recipies we will be making ..receiving tips and comments) we realised that we will have to make 23 recipies!!! And basically quite a complicated ones..

I got the Lamb (on a Leek&Spinach bedding with Garlic souce and cherry tomatoes) - which turned to be a delitious dish!

Beside that, we were again making pasta - but this time was a Tortellini... which Robert called a "Torture'llini" - as for him is was a nightmare to make those small creatures...and looks like Paola on purpose gave the biggest man in a group this task - to make a Fun for all of us! ;)

Camaldoli the morning we went to Camaldoli - The holy Hermitage and Monastery of Camaldoli. The monks living there still make use of homegrown medical herbs. 
On the way back we took a very narrow, small and picturesque road through the hills back...amazing...

Antique Farmacy:

Tomorrow is a free Day!
...and now is a Hot Tube time! 


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