Thursday, 19 September 2013

Day off

Today was a Day Off. (So.. no pictures..)
I decided to do nothing and spent most of the Day at a pool, enjoying a Sun.

Some of the people when off to Montepulciano, some stayed in Villa and done nothing as me. 

As it was a Day Off - we were not served neither Lunch nor Dinner and we left alone in the Villa. It was interesting to see, how everyone started gathering at 6pm... one setting a Dinner table, the other one making a pasta, other one heating a leftovers... I done a cake.. It felt so hommie. 

Cooking is all about pation. And it unites everyone - despite the age or nationality... No one forced..but we felt so good to sit all together at Dinner table, clap for people who made a meal, appreciate the Food. You could see people being proud of making a Meal for others and it makes you feel honoured of being able to eat and enjoy it. It's a nice experience, which is difficult to describe and you can only experience.

..then it smoothly transformed into Dancing party! Even out Nilda in a wheelchair was dancing !! I done some introduction into Lithuanian Folk music - Polka.. then our Villa manager done the Sirtaki (he is Greek) lessons.. it was so much fun. 

Tomorrow is a Last Day.. who could believe it will go so fast.

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