Sunday, 22 September 2013


Saturday I dropped Brook at the Arezzo and headed towards Lucca.

Montecatini Terme
On the way I stopped at Montecatini Terme, as it had "something nice" on the top of the mountain. The town was built around it's mineral water springs and it appears to be largest and most know Thermal town. I got onto the tripadvisor and found that on top is a Montecatini Alto - and the best and most enjoyable way to get there is to take a Funicular.

The view from above is I could already expect. It's a standard for this region.

Walked around, had some light lunch with porcini mushrooms and headed back. 

By the way - today the 2013 Road Cycling World championship started, that will be all run in Tuscany from September 21st through September 29th, 2013. The race will cross the most charming Tuscan roads, will climb the world famous hills and will arrival in Florence..

The race is said to be as famous as Tour de France. Just this one is "Tour de Tuscany". All week they will be starting a race from different little towns, which ends always in Florence. Montecatini looked like a town where different teams placed their base camps - all parking lots were full of Cycling Team trucks (not sure if they are called trucks) and hotels being a Base camps for different teams. So it was good that I stopped today, as the were signs saying that roads would have been closed next day. And the championship was also a reason I did not return to Florence, as everyone adviced to stay away...if possible, as it becomes a nightmare during a race.

It was already quite in the afternoon, so I decided to hurry up to my night place, which I booked through It had to be somewhere up hill.. surounded by Olive trees, so I didn't want to wonder around at GPS was only approximately pointing me there. with a bit of struggle, I managed to arrive at "Forestaria" just at the moment when sun came down... I was happy with a choice I made - nice, clean, simple Villa with a young couple being an owners. They bought an old house with Olive tree gardens 3 years ago, renovated it and gladly hosting people in their 3 spear rooms on the second floor.

They pointed me to a nearest place, which serves the Food and there I met a couple from London, who happened to be staying in the same place. As the "restaurant" was fully booked for 2 different parties, I sat with them at the only available table. They came here for a weekend and were cycling around. We had a looong evening, eating 5 course meal.. which we were just served, without much of interest what we wanted.. the food was just served. 

It was another lovely evening here.. thanks guys!

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