"Luggage packing" mood

It all started a Year ago, when I have decided that my Dream vacation destination will be Bali, Indonesia. Right.. and what does it have to do with the Italy? Nothing.

One day I woke up and realised that I need something more.. I need a proper vacation (which for me is relaxing at the pool with preferably some sun) with a bit of activity.. just not to get crazy. I need an adventure ...just to properly remember the Vacation fact.. I need something else than just a nice location, with nice beach and tons of sun.

"Cooking Vacation" - this was my old dream.. which had an absolute possibility to come live. Why not to give a try?

..and here the fun begins. Where? After some research and number of hours browsing I realised that if you want to learn to Cook - you either go to France or Italy. (Just to note that selection criteria included "Sun", as a prerequisite). There are number of Spanish courses - but we don't want "Tapas" do we? We need proper Food..from the Big F!! 

Btw..I could even find a cooking vacation course in Poland...but No, thank you..after a Year there, I'm not sure I want to spend a vacation there as well.

This site gives you a nice selection of "all around the world" choices.. 

Then I have found an amazing site called http://www.cooking-vacations.com - offering culinary tours, hands-on cooking classes, food market visits & cultural adventures in Italy. It helped me to realise I want to explore the Italy!

And one of the Sundays I wondered into the "Tuscookany" http://www.tuscookany.com - and that was It! My Dream coming to reality... a week of Italian Cooking in an absolute perfect villas, with Pool (!!!) and plenty of time to relax or explore a beautiful surrounding, wine yards, medieval towns and villages..

How does that look? How does that sound?

...one collegue of mine listened and then said "well, not sure I understand - you going to Cooking courses... but you'll be acctually even cooking less than at Home!. What's the point?"

...other friend found it as a brilliant business idea - setting up a Cooking courses at some deep-inside Lithuanian Forest location..  "I believe number of men would be immediate clients 1) you send your wife away at least for a week 2) and she even learns to cook - 2 benefits in one!"

...so that was the begining.


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