Saturday, 14 September 2013

Pick a Castle

Day three.

Tuscany has a stunning landscapes - soft rolling hills, wine yards and olive tree gardens hugging the winding roads, beautifull medieval towns and villages, impressive Castles... basicaly on every hill (ok ok..the every second hill) you have a Castle - some are huge and awesome, some are just ruins..but still amazing. 

I wanted to visit them all.. So I was litteraly choosing one in horizon and finding a road to get there... 

In one of the castles, while I was chatting with an owner and tasting the very regional and quite famous Chianti wine they produce in the place, an absolutely lovely Couple came in - as I found out later, they were playing the same game "pick a castle" on their way to Venice.. The Couple was very "interesting" -  Olivia turned up to be half-russian half-lithuanian and Marcel was half-american (even jewish) and half-italian..both living between their countries and Rome... We ended up having a 2h relaxed lunch, where I got my first introduction into Tuscany food (Thanks Marcel!).

Quiz question: if they have kids, how many passports would the kid have? (They both have 2 each..making US, IT, RU and LT countries to choose from for a start..)

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